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New Locations for Free Delevery

We now offer free delever to Hook in North Hampshire


Can I visit your repair/mail order workshop in Basingstoke?

Unfortunately, this site is not a public facing unit and does not have the correct insurance for public opening. We do offer collecting and delivery free in Basingstoke and Winchester and selected locations across north hampshire.

What is Local Price

These best prices are only available to our local customers in Basingstoke and other areas of North Hampshire, payment must be made by bank transfer and we will hand deliver the items. Please E-Mail us to talk about you requirements.

Why are some items on the web site only available as local customer only?

We sell a number of second hand items but it is hard to see the condition with pictures alone to avoid returns and unrealised expectations we do not sell second hand items via mail order but are listed for reference for our local customers.

We stock ABRSm Books