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Korg Guitar Tuner

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Korg GA-1 Tuner

Korg Guitar tuners for all guitars and bass guitars.

Korg Chromatic Tuners

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Korg CA-1 Tuner Korg CA-40 Tuner

Korg chromatic tuners for all instruments.
CA-40 Includes larger screen, output socket, flick stand,

Stagg CTU-C5

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Stagg CTU-C5 Tuners

Clip-on chromatic tuner for guitar, bass, violin & ukulele.Normal, sharp & flat tuning . 2-colour backlight. Auto power-off. Built-in vibration sensor. 3V battery included.

Chord ACT-12

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Chord ACT-12 Tuners

Compact clip tuner with patented auto operation. 4 pressure sensors detect when the tuner is clipped to a surface, such as a guitar headstock, activating the tuner. Removal or inactivity for 5 minutes automatically switches the tuner off. Display is virtual needle type with 3-colour backlight for flat, sharp or in-tune. Accurate and convenient tuning for guitars and other instruments.

Tanglewood Tuners

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Tanglewood TKT1 Tuners

TKT-1 Keyring chromatic tuner with easy red green display. Suitable for all instruments.

Planet Wave PW-CT-09 Tuner

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Planet Wave PW-CT-09 Tuners

PW-CT-09Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, the Universal Chromatic II Tuner precisely tunes guitars, 4-6 string basses, and other stringed, woodwind, and brass instruments. Features such as an oversized note indicator, bold LCD graphics, built-in microphone and 1/4" input make it extremely easy to tune any acoustic or electric instrument

John Walker Tuning forks

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Made In Britan John Walker Tuning Forks

The original way of tuning your instrument. The world's foremost Tuning Fork Manufacturer

Chromatic Pitch Pipe

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Chromatic Pitch Pipe

Tombo chromatic pitchpipe. C to B with all sharps and flats. Smooth plastic casing. Ideal for Singers