Beaters and Mallets

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Stagg SMB WR1 Beaters

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Stagg SMB WR1 Bell Mallets

Pair of maple bell mallets with spherical black rubber head

Pro Mark MT3 Muli Purpose

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Pro Mark MT3 Multi Mallets

ProMark MT3 Multi-Purpose felt mallet is a great all-around mallet with a semi-hard felt head and oak handle. The MT3 is ideal for cymbal swells.

Pro Mark FPC10/FPY10

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Pro Mark FCP10 Multi Mallets

ProMark FPC10 & FPY10 with soft yarn-wrapped head provides the softest articulation, maximum tone. Synthetic handles to maximize durability. Full tone on xylophone wrapped with long-lasting four-ply synthetic and wool-blend yarn.
FPY-10 Length: 14 1/2" Head Size: 1.2 x 1.38"
FPC-10 Length: 14 3/8" Head Size: 1.4 x 1.20"

Pack of 3 Glockenspiel beaters PP066

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Glockenspiel beaters

Basic student beaters. Ideal for glockenspiel but can be used on other persussion.Mde in England
Item Code: PP066
Barcode: 5051547000669

Soft Rubber Beaters PP064

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Soft Rubber beaters PP064

Beaters pair soft rubber for slit drums, alto chime bars and small drums. Also used for steel pan drums. Large black rubber head.
Item Code: PP064
Barcode: 5051547000645