Mouthpiece, Ligature, Cap - Clarinet

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Vandoren Optimum & Leather Lig & Cap

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Clarinet Vandoren Lig & Cap

Two options of high quality ligatures and cap from Vandoren chose from:-
Vandoren Optimum Silver Plated Ligature with plastic cap
Genuine Leather Ligature, Plastic Cap and 3 x specifically designed pressure plates.

Rico Graftonite Clarinet Mouthpiece

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Clarinet Rico Mouthpiece

The Graftonite line of mouthpieces incorporates revolutionary materials to achieve ease of tone production. Each Graftonite mouthpiece is made from durable polycarbonate material and is pitched at A=440. Available in three chamber sizes and three tip openings and are priced affordably.
For a standard type use the B5

Rico Ligature

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Clarinet Rico Ligature Clarinet Rico Ligature and cap

The Rico ligature was designed to provide excellent response and function at an affordable price. It features a four-point system that applies equal pressure to the reed. Rico ligatures are nickel-plated and feature a two-screw, inverted design. The Rico ligature is available both with or without Rico's signature mouthpiece cap, innovatively made of soft, overmolded plastic.

Vandoren Clarinet Mouthpiece

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Clarinet Vandoren Mouthpiece Clarinet Vandoren Mouthpiece

5JBThe Jazz Mouthpiece -Tip 147 / Face-Long

B45Universal Mouthpiece -Tip 119.5 / Face-Med Long

Rico Mouthpiece Patches Pack of 5

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Saxopnone Mouthpiece Patches

Specially designed to protect your mouthpiece, the Reserve mouthpiece patch is ideal for clarinetists and saxophonists of all ages and abilities. Our unique material adheres securely to the mouthpiece, yet enables easy removal or transferal when needed; it will not leave residue. Ideal for educational purposes, the Reserve mouthpiece patch prevents the teeth from sliding on the mouthpiece.

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