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The Loft has Now Closed

The loft is now closed for business, please contact us by E-Mail or Phone for advice or help.

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Our Service

At CY Music we have been repairing flutes and clarinets since 2010, we can deal with all your yearly servicing needs and most common repairs that will cause the instrument to stop playing properly. All our work is carried out "in house" and we have most work finished in a week or less.

After completing training at the Trevor Head School for instrument repair we are able to offer work for re-pads, re-cork, new springs and so much more. We are planning on adding saxophone and trumpet work in the future.

As well as the woodwind work we offer guitar and violin re-strings. As well as other jobs including fixing tuning heads/pegs, broken bridge pins and other maintenance work. Re-strings are done within 24 hours. Single strings can be done while you wait.

The price list below gives the usual price of work, excluding parts and spares. We guarantee all work we carry out for 3 months. There are a number of models of instrument that are of extremely low quality for these we must charge an extra £17.50 to the job and can only guarantee work for two weeks.

We also offer free collection and return of repair work to all our Winchester and Basingstoke customers.

Flutes & Clarinets

Service Type Aprox. Cost Details
Inspection £20.00 + Spares Basic re-adjustments and pad/cork replacements. Also to inspect your internet/second hand purchase
General (every year or two) £66.25 + spares Full strip down and clean, re-assembled and regulated. Re-tension springs and joints; replace any damaged pads/corks/felts
Full Re-Pad & Service £129.99 + Spares All the above and fully re-pad the instrument. Pads included in cost

Correct at time of publishing


Service Type Aprox. Cost Details
Stuck Mouthpiece £7.50 Removal of stuck mouthpiece. Clean and brush lead pipe and mouthpiece

Correct at time of publishing


Service Type Aprox. Cost Details
Re-String £14.25 + strings Replace and tune guitar strings.
Re-String & Clean £22.00 + strings Replace and tune guitar strings, oil neck and clean frets, clean body and headstock.

Correct at time of publishing


Service Type Aprox. Cost Details
Re-String £13.75 + strings Replace and tune violin strings.
Sliping & Sticking Pegs £16.50 This can sometimes require new strings in which case the strings would need to be added to the cost.

Correct at time of publishing
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