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Free delivery

We now have free delivery options available on our web store for all orders over £15.00


We are working on a complete upgrade of our web site, brining more functionality and making it mobile friendly.

Shop floor, Sheet Music and Instruments

Welcome to the CY Music web site. We are retail a wide range of musical instruments, accessories and sheet music. Whether you are a complete beginner or a semi pro musician we are here to help.

Most of our local customers will know that our Jewry street shop closed on May the 23rd 2015 due to our 10year lease expiring. For the short term we will only be available via our web store, E-mail and phone numbers.

We do plan to be back in Winchester before the end of the year and we have some exciting ideas in conjunction with another music business in Winchester. As we have more details we will let you know.

Local Information
Teachers, gigs and more

Local Ino, Teachers and gigs

On our local information page you can find details on local gigs and teachers. Below are some quick links

Second Hand Instruments

Second Hand Instruments

We often have a range of second hand instruments in, in fact we often have more than we have room to display them all. We have a complete list on our web site and often put notices on our facbook and twitter pages when we update the list

CY Music – Woodwind Repairs and Service Centre

We offer servicing and repair work on flutes and clarinets. We turn around work in a week or less and offer a 3 month guarantee on all work. We have the option to short term rent a replacement instrument if you can’t be without it for a week and all repairs are carried out by our own staff, so there should be no unnecessary delays.

For more information take a look at our repair information page.

Flute and Clarient Repairs